You Don't Want To Mess With Bon Jovi, The Cat

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Bon Jovi has some serious anger issues! He puts the grumpy cat to shame. The person in the video, Kai Dunn, had this to say in response of all the allegations of animal abuse from many people.

" Dear the internet:

The sad truth is, if Bon Jovi was owned by anyone else he would have been put down by now from his violent nature. Luckily though, he found a family that loves him for who he is. But I am the bad guy for apparently "abusing" and "torturing" him. These clips were taken over the course of 2 years, I am not constantly shoving a camera in his face and its all filmed in good fun. It should also be said that all of you commenting saying how I deserve to die and go to hell ect. your creating lots of controversy which is bringing lots of attention to this video, I already have a handful of offers to pay me for more of this kind of content, content of me "abusing" Bon Jovi as many of you would put it. So basically, you're fueling the fire you want to put out. 

P.S Bon Jovi is treated like a princess, had I actually hurt Bon Jovi my mom would kill me. It's her cat. Now I have to get back to making waffles, good day!

Yours truly,
Kai Dunn"