100-year-old man marries 96-year-old bride in Thailand

Footage shows the moment a 100-year-old bachelor finally finds true love - marrying his 96-year-old girlfriend in their nursing home.

Sprightly centurion Tasnga Seedokbuab began 'dating' widower Nang Win while they were both at the retirement home in Ayutthaya, Thailand.

Both of them had spent several decades alone and they had accepted never finding partner again,

But their dreams of love finally came true when they walked down the aisle together at a special ceremony laid on by staff at their care facility.

Tasnga is seen wearing a white silk suit with a traditional orange sash while his beaming bride wears a frilly white silk top, orange silk leggings and a red sash.

Tasnga said: ''I am happy that I have found love again. We make each other very happy when we are together. I still feel young inside.''

Nang Win added: ''Everybody looked so beautiful. I felt very special.''

The couple both have grown-up children from their previous relationships. Tasnga separated from his wife more than half a century ago while Nang Win's died.

The traditional Thai style ceremony was attended by friends, relatives and nursing home staff from the Wellness City resort and local dignities, who wore the 18th century style clothing.

Care home boss Bunchai Isaraphisit said: ''This is the first marriage in Thailand with people this old. They are both very healthy because they get lots of fresh air and they are well looked after here by the doctors and nurses.

''There's a natural atmosphere and they are both very happy. Our goal is to make people happy in their final years