10ft long python caught in kitchen in India

This is the moment a huge python is captured and removed from the kitchen of a third-floor flat in India.

The startling scenes were recorded in the city of Gurugram, in Northern India's Haryana State, on September 10.

In the video, the Indian rock python (Python molurus) can be seen in the corner of the kitchen when a wildlife expert, identified as Anil Gandass begins trying to grab the animal with a pair of snake tongs.

The python, reportedly 10 feet in length, writes as it is caught by the tongs and Gandass then fearlessly grabs the snake behind its head with his hand.

The reptile begins wrapping itself around the expert’s arm but Gandass manages to free himself before carefully placing the python in a bag with the help of an assistant.

Gandass told local media that the snake probably got into the flat by climbing up the stairs or by slithering onto a balcony located next to a tree.

An official responsible for the conservation of forests in the area, Vinod Kumar, said there has been a marked increase in the number of pythons being rescued from homes as locals have begun reporting the reptiles to the authorities rather than killing them.

Kumar said that the authorities had rescued around 20 pythons since June when they would normally rescue between five and seven in that time.

He added that increased rainfall in the area has caused the reptiles to leave their underground holes and the snakes are now looking for food ahead of their period of hibernation in winter.

The Indian rock python is a nonvenomous species found in many tropical and subtropical areas of the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia.