10ft long python caught in toilet after biting Thai man's penis

This is the terrifying moment a 10ft long python was caught hiding in the toilet - after biting a man's penis.

Terdsak Kaewpangpan, 45, went to the loo but while he was sitting on the seat, the python leapt up and plunged its fangs into Terdsak's genitals.

Terdsak howled in pain as colleagues rushed in to find him wrestling with the reptile.

He ripped off the snake - which had clamped its mouth around its manhood - and dashed outside into a car with blood pouring from his groin.

Terdsak had 15 stitches in his penis and rescuers arrived to grapple with the python, which had reportedly been living in the pipework for several weeks.

The office worker said: ''I was about stand up from the toilet. Then I felt a bite in my penis. I immediately knew it was a snake. I stood up and grabbed the python’s head then pulled it off me. There was blood everywhere. I should have been more careful. I saw a snake in another toilet in the house two months ago so I was using this one instead. But I didn't realise the toilets could be connected.''