13-year-old boy with autism and cerebral palsy dribbles basketball for the first time

A 13-year-old dribbling a basketball is not normally a big deal, but when the kid in question is autistic, has cerebral palsy and is doing so for the first time, you can bet that it's a heartwarming moment.

In the video filmed on January 14 in London, Kentucky, Blake is seen dribbling a basketball as his father, who is filming in the video, and his 1-year-old brother, Alec, cheers them on.

His father told Newsflare that Blake was adopted when he was 6, has had four surgeries and spent more than a hundred days in an intensive care unit as an infant.

His younger brother is also adopted, and him clapping as Blake dribbles the basketball is, according to his father, one of the rare moments they are seen interacting together.

"Every time I watch it I cry tears of joy," the father said. "It's just pure, unbiased love."