15 skeletal Great Danes rescued from abandoned breeding farm

Animal welfare volunteers rescued 15 skeletal Great Danes thaw were left to starve on an abandoned breeding farm.

The neglected pooches were had been living at the house in Pathum Thani, central Thailand before the owner fled several weeks ago.

With nobody to care for them, they were not properly fed and lost so much weight that their bones were poking through their fur.

Volunteers were alerted to the plight of the dogs and arrived at the home on Monday (August 19) to finally rescue the animals and give them all a good meal.

The pooches are now recovering with helpers from Watchdog Thailand and have even been 'adopted' by the country's King Rama X, who heard about their treatment and ordered his household to fund their recovery.

A spokesman said: ''We have received a Royal command from His Majesty The King. His Royal Highness has commanded a delegation to adopt the dogs at the Animal Welfare Division.''

Relatives living nearby said the property had been operated as a dog breeding farm for many years until the owner closed down due to financial problems and cruelly abandoned the animals.

She decided to report the foundation as the Great Danes were living in such a terrible condition, causing one female dog and her two puppies died in a cage on Sunday.

The volunteers arrived at the house on Monday (19/08) around 2 pm and found fifteen skinny dogs locked in cages suffering from severe malnutrition.

They also met housekeeper Nui, 50, who said that he was asked by the dog breeder's relative to look after the place. He then agreed to cooperate in the rescue.

Veterinarian Kangwan Thirathamrong fed and treated the dogs before relocating them to the Livestock Development's Animal Center to recover their mental and physical health.

The vet said: ''The owner claimed that she didn't hurt the dogs and still fed them but because she is unemployed and having financial problems they suffered.

''All of the rescued dogs required further care for recovery in the animal centre. Then, we'll see if the owner is financially ready to take them back but if not, we'll look for any dog lovers who are willing to look after them.''

A spokesman from Watchdog Thailand said this morning (21/08) that His Majesty the King has ordered his household to adopt all of the Great Danes at the Animal Welfare Division.

The monarch will cover the cost of their treatment, food and ongoing care.

Meanwhile, the former owner faces punishment under the Cruelty Prevention and Welfare of Animal Act after police began investigating.