17 Incredible Tree Houses From Around The World

You will want to get out and build one of your own one after watching these amazing tree houses from around the world.

1. Three Story Treehouse (British Columbia, Canada)


2. Mirror Tree House (Sweden)


3. The Bird’s Nest Tree House (Sweden)


4. The HemLoft Treehouse (Whistler, Canada)


5. Treehouse in Muskoka (Ontario, Canada)


6. Minister’s Treehouse (Crossville, Tennessee, USA)


7. Yellow Treehouse Restaurant


8. Treehouse in Seattle (USA)


9. Free Spirit Sphere Treehouses (Canada)


10. Treehouse by Takashi Kobayashi (Japan)


11. Senior Center Turned Treehouse (Ghent, Belgium)


12. O2 Treehouse (USA)


13. Treehouse for Birds and People (Andu Momofuku Centre, Japan)


14. Eco-friendly Finca Bellavista Treehouse (Costa Rica)


15. Plane Treehouse (Costa Rica)


16. Teahouse Tetsu (Yamanashi, Japan)


17. UFO Treehouse (Sweden)