17 Pot, Ping-Pong Ball and Swinging Cup Trick Shot

Occurred on May 18, 2020 / Floyds Knobs, Indiana, USA

Info from Licensor: "I wanted to make the classic ping pong ball off pots/pans trickshot more difficult. So I introduced the swinging cup to make it which made it harder and required greater timing to make the shot. I began with one pot and have worked all the way up to 17 pots/pans bounces until the ball made it into the cup. I have to swing the cup which is tied to the ceiling and then begin to try to bounce the ball in at the correct time. This occurred in my house with a collection of pots and pans gathered from the family. I did it because I started a trickshot Tiktok account during quarantine and thought this would be a good idea and challenge."