23 Awesome And Creative Ways To Re-purpose Your Old And Unused Stuff

You might be thinking of throwing away your old stuff to get rid of the junk. But hold on and take a look at this album! You might change your mind.

1. Old Ladder Into Bookshelf



2. Bicycle Into Sink Stand


3. Chair Into Shelf/Closet Unit



4. Old Cords Into Bob Marley


5. Old DVDs Into a Mosaic Tile Plate





6. Spoons Into Lamp




7. Old Piano Into Bookshelf


8. Old Tire Into Ottoman





9. Old Graters Into Lamps


10. Tennis Rackets Into Mirrors


11. Old Bike Parts Into Chandelier



12. Old Garden Rake Into Wine Glass Holder


13. Old Ladder Into Shelf


14. Old Skateboards Into Guitars


15. Spoons Into Lampshades


16. Old Chairs Into Pet Feeding Station


17. Drum Kit Into Chandelier


18. Old Boat Into Hanging Bed


19. Guitar Into Shelf


20. Vintage Funnels Into Candleholders


21. Forks Into Coat Hangers


22. Vintage Suitcase Into Chair




23. Old Piano Into Outdoor Fountain