25 Reasons Everyone Will Love Scotland

1. They leave presents for Santa



2. They are charitable people..really!



3. They respect other's privacy



also in Edinburgh – The food is exotic to say the least



4. Its the perfect escape



5. Best Deal Ever??



6. The Politics



.and the Protestors.



7. The Weather



8. The Public Transport



9. Safety concious!



10. You gotta love the papers



11. The way they deal with terrorists



12. The Sign Makers are cheap, we've heard



13. Bird lovers paradise



14. When you have soft drinks like this, you'll never be bored again!



15. Their Emergency Services wont let you down!



16. The Weather, again



17. The Fashion



18. The warm welcome



19. The way they deal with blocked drains



20. The Mathematics



21. The Gadgets



22. The Comedians



23. James Bond!!!!



24. The rail replacement service



25. The Romance