6-year-old wins a tenner from his dad by making amazing trick shot

A 6-year-old boy from Northampton won £10 from his dad when he made an incredible trick shot, kicking a rugby ball from a tee through a basketball hoop.

Oscar Herbert was practicing his rugby kicks on December 15 and his father Gary Herbert, 41, said to his son: "If you get it in the basketball ring I’ll give you ten pounds."

Young Oscar made his preparation and precise lining up of the rugby ball, and then made the shot on only his second try, winning the bet to his father's amazement.

The video was posted online and rapidly went viral, drawing much attention to the young boy's precision skills.

Gary Herbert said of the clip's success: "The response to Oscar's kick has been incredible, he has been in the daily mail online, the bbc website and social media pages, the local TV and has had 33k views on Twitter alone, it's been amazing."