700 pound man who gorged on seafood and ice cream for two decades is rescued from his house

This is the astonishing moment a 700-pound man (300 kg/50 stone) was hauled out of his wooden home after spending two decades gorging on seafood and ice cream.

Thongchai Jamjang, 26, started his mammoth eating spree when he was just eight-years-old in Prachuap Khiri Khan, southern Thailand.

His mother ''didn't think there was a problem'' until he began suffering breathing problems last month and suddenly lost his appetite.

Health workers finally intervened and found Thongchai sprawled naked across a filthy mattress at his beach-side shack. He weighed in at just over 300kg.

A staggering 30 fireman and neighbours had to carry morbidly obese Thongchai from his home, first into a boat and then into a pick-up truck. He was too big to wear any clothes and had to be covered with a blanket.

Thongchai has now been admitted to hospital where medics hope to stabilise his health before attempting to fit a gastric band.

Rescue worker Phukit Phokawat said the man was in a ''severe health crisis''.

He said: ''He obviously had breathing difficulty, making his blood oxygen shockingly low. All we could do was give him oxygen while waiting for him to get to the hospital.''

Relatives said that with the house being next to the sea, Thongchai had always had easy access to an abundant supply of seafood arriving from fishing vessels.

He would eat plates of shrimp, prawns and fish before washing them down with sugar-laden Thai desserts.

The footage was captured yesterday (January 16).