90's Childhood is the best...Here is the reason why. Get on the nostalgic trip of most memorable cartoon show theme songs of 90's on Doordarshan

Jungle Book ...Mogli

Jungle Book's Mowgli was the most popular cartoon character on Doordarshan of 90’s Children . The theme song of Jungle Book “jungle jungle baat chali hai pata chala hai , chaddi pehan ke phool khila hai phool khila hai ” written by evrybody's favourite Gulzaar Saahab is stiil popular among children and adults too. Show revolves around a child who lost his parents in childhood and taken care by wild animals in jungle. Remember waiting for Sundays to watch Mowgli on TV, let's enjoy it one more time for old time sake 

Duck Tales

This must be the most favorite cartoon of 90's kids. Duck Tales, a story of a Millionaire “Uncle Scrutch” and his 3 Nephews who always made problems to uncle scrutch. The Theme Song was really catchy and describes the toofani lives of Uncle Scrutch and his nephews. Enjoy the "Zindagi toofani hai, Jahan hai Duck Birds" 


He Man

He Man, the power of the Universe. Oh God! still remember every word of theme intro. His sword and the tiger everthing must be still alive in memories of 90's kids. Let's visit the world of He-Man all over again.  

Tom & Jerry

In the list the next must be Tom & Jerry. The show is still on and is entertaining us from last 50 Years not only in india but also all over the world. The intro music is just fun to listen even today. Music which automatically generate the images of Tom & Jerry runing behind each other, fighting, always finding ways to take revenge. Let's recreate the magic again.



"Arabian Niiiiightttssss...Arab ka ye deshhhh", remember? If you grow up listening the song you must agree that Alladin and his Jinnie was treat to watch on Doordarshan. Feeling nostalgic? Then hear the song again....


Ek Chidiya Anek Chidiya

And yes, how can we forget "Ek Chidiya Anek Chidiya". It's not a cartoon series but still their in mind of every 90's kid, sweetest childhood memory of every 90's child. This Animated classic was epic and was directed by India's animation pioneer Bhimsain. It is an iconic film which evokes nostalgia as an entire generation of Indians have grown up watching the film on Doordarshan. Why the song sounds so different? Listen it again and sing along....

Oh! Such a wonderful trip of 90's TV era...feeling nostalgic???? then let's have one more round, for old time sake.... :)