96-year-old has heartwarming reaction to seeing snow for the first time in decades

This 96-year-old cried happy tears when she saw snow for the first time after not experiencing it for forty years.

"She first came to America in 1950 and remembered her joy at first seeing snow in the Big Apple and playing with snowballs," Armando Trull told Newsflare of her mother, Oria Carrera. "She would eventually return to Cuba, flee as an exile in 1968 and settle in Miami. My mother never saw snow again."

The passing of Carrera's husband led her to moving to Washington DC to live with her son in August.

"During summer and early fall, she would constanlty ask me when we would see snow. Her anticipation was childlike," her son said.

In the video filmed in the small city of Annandale, Washington DC, Carrera can be seen looking at the snow in the backyard with her eyes lit up.

"I feel happy so happy i have to say thank God for giving me the opportunity to watch something that I love," she says as she continues to express her joy and gratitude.

The purity of her elderly mother's reaction was deeply moving to Trull, who got emotional at the sight of her mother's excitement.

"For me, her joy at pitching a snowball at me and clapping is what brought tears of joy to my eyes."