99-metre-long dragon dances on glass bridge to celebrate two world records having been created

A 99-metre-long dragon danced on a glass walkway to celebrate two new world records being set and authenticated at the opening ceremony of 2019 Dragon Festival in southern China.

The spectacular drone video, shot in Qingyuan City in southern Guangdong Province on January 19, shows a 399-metre-long golden dragon made from fine reinforced plastics lying along the glass walkway with a red cloth covering its head.

The dragon also has a ball settled in the centre of the massive circular glass observation deck suspended at the end of the bridge also being covered under a red cloth.

Then a group of people can be seen unveiling the two pieces of red cloth from the dragon’s head and the dragon ball respectively.

After that, another 99-metre-long dragon surrounding the dragon ball begins dancing.

According to reports, the two world records are the world’s longest sculptured flying dragon on the mountain and the world’s longest slideway in the forest.