A real-life Dr Doolittle family who keep 46 pets

Meet the real-life Dr. Dolittles who keep a small zoo of 46 PETS including guinea pigs, dogs, horses, and budgies.

Footage captured on Saturday (December 29) shows animal-loving Bella Wyllie encouraged her young daughters Poppy, aged seven, and Holly,12, to take responsibility for the 'small zoo' they keep at home.

The menagerie includes an astonishing 24 rabbits - with most recent acquisitions Sylvester and Spud, who arrived just before Christmas, and 11 guinea pigs live at the home in Mauchline, East Ayrshire, as well as five horses, three budgies, two dogs and a gecko.

Compassionate Poppy was so moved when she heard about a pet rabbit which was cruelly kept in a drawer, that she was inspired to make a hand-drawn poster urging owners to take proper care of their pets.