A Stealthy But Strong Burglar

Occurred on July 4, 2022 / Ormond Beach, Florida, USA

Info from Licensor: I have seen this little guy hanging out on my porch before and I tried to run him off. He got so scared he jumped in the bushes and got stuck, that's how I realized he must have had a prior injury because he could not get out of the bush without a struggle and when he did, he walked with a gimp...hence the name Gimpy. I had no idea he knew there was a fresh 16lb bag of cat food in the garage up on a storage box. How he got this down and dragged it all the way out of the garage, across the porch, and into the bushes where he got trapped is amazing. I got the bag back with only a small hole and a cute picture of him standing up, peeking around the corner of the hose with that sad look on his face.