Adorable blue-eyed dog redefines begging for food

The most adorable dog called Blue, for his dazzling blue eyes, redefines the meaning of 'begging for food.' Blue delicately licks his owner's ear and repeatedly snuggles up to her neck in hopes of a spoonful of ramen.

It's hard not to melt when you see his bright blue eyes sparkle as the dangling ramen noodles moves past his face and into his owner's mouth.

Footage shows the owner eating a bowl of ramen noodles directly in front of the camera. She has a smile on her face as Blue snuggles into her neck.

As the noodles dangle on a fork Blue's eyes widen in anticipation. As the owner puts the food into her mouth Blue licks his owner's ear which almost makes her crack but the master-beggar's tactics don't work this time.