Adorable cuddly friendship forms between this cat and dog

This is an adorable clip from Serbia of an unlikely friendship formed between a dog and a cat.

The dog is totally unphased when the cat comes to cuddle up while he is giving himself a bath. The cat simply climbs up onto the leg of the dog and snuggles up for bit of friendship-time. The dog even licks the cat's bac for a moment!

The clip how two cats and a dog are in the same area sniffing each other. One of the cats disappears as the dog lays down to rest with a look of "just minding my own business" across his adorable face.

This is the incredible moment when the cat stalks over to the dog and squeezes in as the dog licks itself. The cat then finds a nice warm place underneath the dogs hind leg while it rests its head on the dogs lower back.

The utter relaxation spread across the cats face shows that it is totally comfortable and perhaps even used to taking refuge under the dogs hind leg.