Adorable dog takes solo bus ride to chase owner going to work

This is the adorable moment a pet dog was seen in a bus chasing its owner going to work.

Passengers were amazed by the pooch sitting patiently while gazing out of the window.

They are heard in the video checking with each other who the dog belongs to, but nobody knows. They say: ''This dog, I hope he still knows his way home.’’

The dog, a black Aspin breed, rode for several minutes before the bus pulled up alongside a pick-up truck with its owner onboard. He immediately recognised her and leapt from the jeepney's seat to its owner's arms.

She's heard in the video saying in Filipino ''Oh my! It’s Vince. Vince! Why did you follow us? You crazy dog!''

The woman then picked up Vince to ride with her in the truck with other commuters.

The incredible scene was captured by Tet Tapuyao who was returning home after working a night shift. She said: ''The dog was onboard and he seemed nervous. He was just looking outside and not interacting with anybody. Nobody had any idea who he belonged to, or where he came from. It was strange, but he was really sweet. We were laughing at what he was doing, like perhaps he was searching for a friend or he was just lost. When we pulled up next to the truck he recognised his owner. It was amazing.''