Adorable five-year-old is jealous of sick sister, asks mom if she can "give her a fever"

Five-year-old Olivia was upset that she didn't have a fever – her sister did, and she really wanted one too.

In the video filmed in Wantagh, New York on November 24, a clearly distressed Olivia is seen crying and yelling, "I want a fever!"

When her mother points out that she had one two weeks ago, she counters with her request, "I want it again!"

Olivia even asks if her mother can give her one, and doesn't respond well when told that illnesses don't work that way.

Her mother explained to Newsflare that Olivia had a high fever some time ago, and as soon as she recovered, her three-year-old sister developed one.

"Needless to say, Olivia was not happy that she no longer had a fever!" She said.