Adorable Girl Won't let Height Keep her from Magnets!

Toddlers are such creative little beings. When a toddler sets her or his mind on something, there’s no giving up until they get what they want. You give them a challenge, and they’ll find a way to do it! And the little girl from this video is not an exception! Her resourcefulness will make you laugh out loud for sure! You absolutely have to check out this video! The clip takes place in the kitchen, next to the fridge to be exact. A little girl has her mind set on the fridge magnet. She wants to play with them so badly, but she’s just too short to reach them. For someone else, that might be a problem, but not for this little one! She’s got a broomstick in her hands and she’s not afraid to use it/ With the top of the broomstick, the little girl manages to detach the magnet from the fridge. Success! How clever is that? So adorable!