Adorable Kitten Tries to Understand Treadmill

You know what I always say, "If there's a beautiful feline in the video, it'll definitely be PURRR-fect". And this one didn't dissapoint! It's so hilarious, and I believe you'll recognize yourself in this precious feline friend. At least once in our life, we've all been to the gym. While some exercise very seriously, there are some, like this feline, who have their own lazier ways of exercising. I won't lie, I've been in this situation. LOL! But I definitely didn't look as adorable as this precious feline friend. She's on a treadmill, working on her summer boy, but in her own lazier way. LOL! She's got her front paws on the treadmill, and her back paws are on the ground. The precious feline friend is moving only her front paws, while the rest of her body is safely behind the treadmill. What a hilarious sight! Well, at least she's trying, right?