Adorable moment dozens of Thai schoolgirls dance on unicycles at Buddhist festival

This is the adorable moment dozens of schoolgirls danced on unicycles in a parade to mark the start of Buddhist Lent.

The youngsters from local schools had spent the last few weeks practising on the circus props before their big day in Nakhon Ratchasima, northeastern Thailand, yesterday (17/07).

The procession at the annual Candle Festival - which includes stunning sculptures made from was - saw the girls wear traditional Thai costume while pedalling on the unicycle and performing traditional dance routines with their hands.

Ceremonial music was playing in the background as proud relatives and tourists lined the route.

Spectator, Thida Manuson, said: ''They looked impossibly sweet. All I could think was, 'bless them, they're adorable'.

''They were all trying so hard and they had been practising for a while. Not all of them could balance on the unicycles and some fell off. But it was still very cute.''

The start of Buddhist Lent is a national holiday which sees monks retreat into their temples for the next few months to read scriptures and meditate during the rain season. It marks the period when the original Buddha first enlightened himself and spread his wisdom.