Adorable moment orangutan 'falls in love' with Australian boy at Indonesian zoo

This is the adorable moment an orangutan "fell in love" with an Australian boy who visited her at a zoo.

Elfin Griffin, 9, was visiting the zoo with his family when they went to see the primate in Bali, Indonesia, on July 14.

When they reached the booth of Tina the Orangutan, she immediately clung to him and tried to play with the boy.

Elfin's mother, Tania, said that orangutan Tina was ''absolutely mesmerised''.

She said: "She just loved him. Everyone who was watching was blown away."

Tania said that Elfin was allowed to play with Tina for about 15 minutes, but even after that, Tina kept looking for him.

She added: "We had to move Elfin away so people could get their picture but the orangutan kept finding him.

''Shes called Tina and she wasn’t even listening to her trainer and would only go back to her ledge if Elfin went with her."