Adorable moment pet dog protects girl from being told off by her father

This is the touching moment a girl's loyal pet puppy protected her from being told off by her angry father.

The sweet gesture was filmed on October 19 at Caloocan City, the Philippines.

Fhomela Nemis, 20, was holding her three-month-old dog named Panda, a female Aspin when her father began mock-scolding her for always being out late with her friends. 

 In the video, Fhomela's father can be heard saying: "You're always outside the house.

''[Talking to Panda the dog] Why are you taking her side? She's a bad girl."  

But the fiercely protective puppy draws close around Fhomela, while swiping her paws at her father and barking at him.

Speaking after, Fhomela, an office junior, said: "This is just for fun, but Panda is the sweetest for doing that.

''I have not had her for long but she is so loving and so attached.

''It shows how loyal and loving dogs can be if you show them kindness. They will always return the gesture and protect you.''