Adorable moment seven-year-old girl gets an advanced hearing aid

A seven-year-old girl born with hearing problems can finally dress up as her favourite superheroes after getting a high-tech hearing aid.

Tomboy Lola McKnight had been forced to wear a prominent hearing device held in place by a headband since she was five months old.

The youngster felt the device held her back from dressing up and looking like her favourite superheroes, the Hulk and Spiderman.

Now the Marvel mad kid has been given a discreet, behind-the-ear aid that sticks to the skin, allowing her to become a superhero and giving her better hearing.

Mum Frankie, 33, said: “The advanced technology means she can hear better, which is great – but Lola is happier to lose the headband, it really ruined her street cred.

“She is a real tomboy, she loves watching shark videos with her dad, runs a boy's only dinosaur club and would not be seen in a skirt but most of all she loves superheroes.”

Lola’s new device, delivered on earlier this month (December 10), is called an "Adhear" and it the cutting edge of hearing technology.