Aftermath of Mini Tornado in Strathmerton

Occurred on January 30, 2019 / Strathmerton, Victoria, Australia

Info from Licensor: "Wednesday morning a massive thunderstorm developed. The sky turned from black to dark green. We were on our porch having morning coffee watching the storm develop. We heard this noise like a freight train coming and within 30 seconds a horizontal funnel appeared under the clouds. It started to hail and rain, enough to force us inside as a retreat. Then boom! Trees that were over a hundred feet high just exploded around our property. By the time we got to the back door to let the dogs in, there were trees and limbs being thrown around like matchsticks. There were limbs 10ft long, 10inch diameter being tossed around like paper. Our barn shed roof and solar panels and paddock irrigation system copped all the damage. It was 40 seconds of sheer terror hoping the house would survive, which it did. The funnel path was about 100 meters wide and dissipated within a 1km of length. With 20 plus trees down, all a 100ft high and cows running for their lives and fences down, the chaos ended."