Aggressive cobra refuses to be caught, attacks firefighter

This is the terrifying moment a hissing cobra tried to attack a fireman.

The deadly reptile, believed to be a monocled cobra, was found in the family's kitchen in Bangkok, Thailand, on May 4.

They took shelter in a separate room and called the emergency services.

Expert snake catcher Phinyo Pukphinyo, 49, arrived and had the unenviable task of snaring the 6ft long cobra. However, the snake was in an aggressive mood and refused to be caught.

Footage shows how the cobra reared up with its head in the air and its hood spread menacingly. It can be heard hissing - going into attack mode as it lunges several times at the experience snake catcher.

Phinyo said: ''Cobras are one of the deadliest snakes in the world. One bite can be fatal. In this situation, the cobra was behaving very aggressively, and we had to be very careful.''

Phinyo - who was once hospitalised for three months after being bitten by a cobra - normally catches snakes with his bare hands but on this call, he needed to use a lasso style snare to drag the reptile out of the house. It was then released back into the wild.