Agitated temple elephant in India temple runs amok amidst devotees during popular festival

Devotees at a temple in South India survived a major scare after an elephant ran amok on Sunday.

The incident happened when the elephant, Ramu, was brought out for a ceremonial parade at Edappal temple near Mallapuram, Kerala.

The elephant is a major draw at the annual ‘Kulangara Pooram’ festival, in which thousands of devotees take part.

But its owners failed to notice that the male tusker was 'in musth' – a term used to describe elephants exhibit highly aggressive behavior as a result of a large rise in certain hormones – and allowed the animal, with a priest perched on top, into the crowd.

The noise and the crowd agitated Ramu further, who ran amok, making devotees flee for their lives.

Luckily, the elephant was brought under control before it could trample upon anyone.