All I want for Christmas is AWOOOOO! Dog absolutely nails amazing duet with Mariah

This dog nailed the most amazing duet with Mariah Carey.

US photographer Luke Fontana filmed pinscher Oliver howling along to the 1994 holiday classic "All I Want for Christmas" at home in New York in front of the Christmas tree on Wednesday (December 18).

In it, Oliver howls along to one of Carey's notoriously difficult vocal runs in which the singer hits an impossibly high-pitched "you!"

But the high note doesn't hold any problems for Oliver.

As an instrumental part of the song plays in the background, Oliver looks at owner Luke as he films on his mobile phone.

Then, when Carey hits her infamous high note, Oliver turns away, throws his head back diva-style and howls, duetting with Carey.

The clip quickly went viral on social media.

"All he wants for Christmas is you!" Luke wrote online. "I was trying to take a Christmas photo!"