Alleged drunk man sets his own motorbike on fire at petrol station in China

An alleged drunk man lit his motorbike on fire after 'harassing' a female member of staff at a petrol station in southwestern China.

The CCTV clip, captured in Dongshan town in Yunnan province on July 23, shows a man attempting to 'harass' a female member of staff by touching her face when she was filling his motorbike with petrol.

After the female staff pushed his hand away, he used a lighter to set the motorbike on fire.

Nearby people used an extinguisher to put out the fire. Fortunately, no one was injured.

According to reports, the man named Liu was not happy with his life recently and drunk some alcohol during dinner. When he saw the female member of staff alone he attempted to 'harass' her

The staff called the police and the man was arrested. The case is in further investigation.