Alley cat gets stuck on railings while trying to seduce a female

This alley cat was rescued after getting his legs stuck on metal railings while chasing a female.

The one-year-old stray was prowling along the fence in pursuit of the moggy when he slipped and became stuck between the bars in Samut Prakan, central Thailand on Monday (5 August) evening.

Resident Theerawut Siriyamun, 47, followed the animal's cries and found the injured cat struggling in pain, trying to free himself. He called the rescue foundation for help.

Theerawut said: ''I was sitting inside my shop when I heard the cat crying. So, I went outside trying to find him.

''I wanted to help him but I was afraid that I'd hurt him, so it was better to alert the rescuers.''

The volunteer spent ten minutes gently lifting the cat's back legs up from the sharp metal and setting him free.

The cat was not bleeding or physically injured. He quickly ran away from the scene and resumed his pursuit of the female, which had been watching him throughout the rescue.