Allow me to intro-moose myself! Hungry moose gets fed outside US home

An American mum has received nasty backlash for posting a video of her husband feeding a moose at their home in Utah.

Molly Bice Jackson and her husband Victor Jackson were thrilled when they saw a moose stroll right up to the steps of their home in Park City, Utah, USA last month.

Molly, 40, then recorded this video of Victor, a 46-year-old attorney, feeding the moose an apple, while they giggled with excitement.

The joyful video was then posted to her Facebook page, where it spread rapidly.

However, Molly, a public speaker, actress and writer has since received some unpleasant feedback.

Jackson said: “I’ve had people say that we were killing the moose by feeding it an apple, but we didn’t see it like that…really he was so tame already, otherwise he wouldn’t have walked right up to our home like that,”

The footage was captured earlier this year on January 2.