Alpha male elephant keeps villagers at bay to unite herd

This is the moment a large alpha male elephant steps in to keep villagers at bay and create a safe passage for its herd to pass.

Villagers near Nilgiri forest in Balasore district of Odisha, India, woke up to the sound of a large elephant herd passing in the vicinity at 5 am on November 14.

They saw a herd of 100-plus elephants marching through their farms. Fearing that the herd will damage their crops and homes, they made a loud noise to chase the animals away.

The din split the herd and a small group, which was afraid to cross the road in the presence of villagers, was left behind.

Seeing that the group was afraid of the villagers, a large alpha male charged at the villagers and pushed them back.

It held its ground for nearly half an hour and retreated only after the separated group joined the main herd.

A local resident Sambit Raut said: “Forest officials arrived on time to manage both the villagers and animals. They prevented the confrontation from escalating.”