Amazing backflip from Australian Shepherd in slow motion

The owner and his Australian Shepherd stand on the beach of a pristine Canadian lake before the owner throws a dog treat in the air for his loyal friend to eat.

Instead of simply opening its mouth to catch the treat this agile pup leaps into the air and does a backflip catching the treat mid-flight!

This acrobatic canine lands on the stoney ground forcing some stones to spray out to the side. This makes it look as if the obedient dog is going to fail the landing but it's hind legs quickly maneuver underneath him making this a perfect on-the-spot backflip.

Footage shows the owner slightly out of shot crouched down next to his dog by a lake in the daytime on April 21 (Easter day). The Aussie dog waits obediently for its owner to throw up the treat before catching it in mid-air while doing a backflip.

The footage has been edited with a slow-motion effect to exaggerate the impressive backflip.