Amazing Thailand celebration makes flexible dancers look boneless

Thai dancers performed a unique "boneless" dance to give praise to Buddha.

Spectators were amazed by the bizarre moves of the Manorah Thai dance at a Buddhist festival in Nakhon Si Thammarat, southern Thailand on Sunday February 17.

The southern folk dance is performed in front of the stupa at Wat Phra Mahathat as an offering to the Buddha spirit on Makha Bucha Day, an important Buddhist holiday. The Monorah dance is well known for the exquisite postures including a bridge pose while holding banknotes in the mouth, a rolling choreography of the body around the ground and coiling on the tray.

Phannuruk Srisawang, the director of Srisawang Monorah group, said that the boneless dance movement was passed down from generations to generations and not many traditional dancers could perform it. He said: ''This is a rare performance that not many Thai people knew or had seen it as well. It was usually played in special Buddhist occasions in front of the Buddha statues.''