Amazon Driver Leaves Van in Drive and Runs into House Then Flees

Occurred on February 17, 2020 / Covington, Georgia, USA

Info from Licensor: "I was laying In the family room with my 3-month-old baby asleep on my chest when I hear a loud crash outside of my house, thinking nothing of it due to construction next door I let my baby sleep. A few days later when I left my house for work I saw my stone on the garage had fallen off the wall, I called my best friend and neighbor to have him go to my house and look at it and see if we could fix it because the house was new construction and the builder's warranty just expired. I couldn’t afford to put a claim in on my homeowner's insurance so my best friend went to the House to look at it, to my surprise there was a lot more damage then you could see from a quick pass by, then the entire wall was pushed off the foundation and the studs were broken in half...he sent me pictures and we were baffled on what could have caused it, in his investigation, he pulled up my security footage and a few days earlier the cameras showed a delivery made by Amazon where the driver drove on the grass, left the door open and in drive, ran in front of her moving car, threw my package at the front door and took a photo, and was running back to a car that was about to run into my house. After the van hit my house, she jumped in the driver's seat and made a 4-5 point turn to reposition to get out of our straight driveway almost hitting the trash can and hitting the silt fence of the construction site across the road. She never said anything to me before she zoomed off making it a felony hit and run... luckily for me the Amazon security system I had a ring, was the same system that told on them. I filed a police report and contacted Amazon, they sent me to their insurance and offered me a 75$ gift card to use on their site, I was pissed...and that was not sufficient, they said all they could do was another $300 which was much less then I thought it was worth, their insurance paid for the repairs."