Amnesty International strips Myanmar' Aung San Suu Kyi of prestigious award

Human rights group Amnesty International has revoked Aung San Suu Kyi of her Ambassador of Conscience Award, an honour given to her in 2009 when she was living under house arrest.

The removal was a reflection of the group's disappointment at the Myanmar leader's inability to speak out for the Rohingya minority.

"We are profoundly dismayed that you no longer represent a symbol of hope, courage, and the undying defence of human rights," Amnesty's Secretary General Kumi Naidoo wrote in a letter to the Suu Kyi.

Since coming to power as Myanmar's de facto leader, Suu Kyi has since faced international pressure to condemn the army's alleged brutality against the Rohingya. United Nations investigators concluded that, while she was not complicit in the alleged genocide last year, she had failed to use her moral authority to help prevent the murder and rape of thousands of Rohingyas by the still-dominant army.