Angry commuter confronts climate activists blocking Elephant & Castle during rush hour

Climate change protesters were spotted at the busy Elephant and Castle roundabout this morning (November 22) during rush hour to the dismay of commuters.

A displeased mother expressed her frustration at the demonstrators as they impeded traffic on the South London intersection.

She is heard saying: "You bunch of evil people! Go on the bloody pavement and do it!

"You're not sorry... you let a little girl suffer because you want to make a point, you did it all day yesterday to her and she had hospital yesterday."

Paul McLoughlin who filmed the verbal barrage was on his way to work, when he realised there was no chance of getting a bus due to the protest.

McLoughlin said: "I was walking to work during rush hour and noticed traffic backed for miles.

"When I got to Elephant & Castle I saw that the 'Extinction Rebellion' climate activist group was taking over the roundabout"

He later added: "She was well within her right to be angry at the protesters - everyone was.

"By the same token, however, I understand the drastic measures needed to curb emissions and so appreciate the activists' efforts.

"It was fitting that cyclists and walkers were the only ones able to get through."