Angry husband pours hot soup onto wife's friend in China's Luoyang

An angry husband poured a pot of hot soup on his wife's friend in a restaurant in central China.

The shocking CCTV video, filmed in Luoyang city in Henan province on June 24, shows three adults and a child dining on a table in a restaurant, while a man walking towards them stopped beside their table.

Then a woman stood up and started talking to him. When they were arguing, the man suddenly lifted up the pot from the table and poured the hot soup into another man's face before violently throwing the empty pot at his head.

According to reports, the woman named Zhao was having hotpot with her two friends and her child.

However, her husband came to the restaurant and had an argument with her. Then the angry man poured a pot of hot soup to her friend, Chang.

Chang suffered severe scalds to his body and had third-degree burns on his left shoulder.

Zhao's husband has been detained by local police.