Angry tourist late for taxi booking sits on bonnet to stop car from leaving without him

This is the bizarre moment a tourist who was late for his taxi booking sat on the bonnet to try to stop the car from leaving without him.

The man, whose name is not known, made a rideshare booking with Uber’s equivalent, Grab, in Manila, the Philippines, on May 3.

But the passenger who was also using the same cab claimed they were waiting five minutes for the other customer to appear.

When there was no show, his booking was cancelled and they began to leave.

But mobile phone footage shows how the angry tourist appeared and sat on the bonnet as the taxi pulled away.

He then tried to open the passenger door and his the vehicle as the terrified second customer sitting in the back is heard saying ‘’oh my god’’.

The incident was filmed by the passenger, Amber Gonzales, who was already inside the taxi when it happened in Mandaluyong City on May 3.

She said: "We just came from a pick-up point, 500 meters away, where we waited for five minutes for a passenger who was a no-show. The ride was cancelled by the driver.’’

The tourist wearing a white shirt and sunglasses arrived just when the car was about to leave. He tried to stop the car by sitting on the hood.

Amber said that the driver tried explaining to the man about their new policy regarding cancellations and no-shows. But he demanded to be taken to his destination at the city’s Bureau of Immigration building.

Amber added: "He didn’t listen. We were already holding up traffic, so the driver tried to move, but this self-entitled man sat on the hood again. He eventually gave up, but managed to hit the car.

‘’No one was hurt. The car obtained zero damages. And despite having been harassed, the driver still kept his calm. Thanks, Kuya Amor, for keeping us safe.’’