'A whole house, it's gone!' Devastating floods sweep through Durban, South Africa

More than 30 people have been killed in devastating floods which have rocked South Africa's coastal city of Durban.

The city has also seen extensive damage to property and roads due to the flooding and mudslides caused by 150mm (6 inches) in a 12-hour period. The city usually receives 90mm (3.5 inches) for the whole of April.

The footage shot on April 22 shows the filmer walking up to an enormous hole in the road which has collapsed underneath a house. As the camera moves towards the sink-hole the filmer gasps in shock, "A whole house guys, its gone!". She also exclaims "There's cars inside!".

As the filmer walks closer to the hole, this shocking footage reveals the debris of an entire house in a pile of rubble with cars sitting on top of it. The road on which the filmer stands is also completely decimated as the ground underneath it has simply washed away.

As rescue crew continue to dig for survivors in response to over 2,000 emergency calls, the death toll is expected to rise.