''Get out of my car!'' Thai driver panics after finding tiny lizard on steering wheel

This is the hilarious moment a baby monitor lizard terrified a driver after crawling onto his steering wheel.

Wisud Nasawan, 24, was taking his Nissan for a service yesterday (February 5) when he noticed the critter’s head poking in front of the dashboard.

The salesman yelled in fright and watched as the lizard then scampered down to the brake pedal.

Terrified Wisud then crouched with both his feet on the driver’s seat as the car cruised along the road in Bangkok, Thailand.

Wisud is heard saying in the clip ‘Damn, lizard, what are you doing here? Get out of my car! Go!’’

Speaking after, Wisud, who dislikes reptiles, said he believed the little monitor lizard crept into his car from a pond next to his back yard.

He said: “I yelled at the lizard hoping that it would understand how scared I was. My eyes couldn’t stop checking on it every minute until I eventually arrived at the car service centre.’’

The uninvited creature continued to move around - from the air conditioning to the passenger seat - and frightened the car's owner through his journey.

Wisud added: ‘’I had to keep driving, I couldn’t stop the car as I was on the motorway and everyone was driving fast.''

“I told the car mechanic to remove the reptile but he was not sure if he could do so because he was also afraid. So, now I have to pray for it to be gone when I get my car on Friday.’’