'Curious' bobcat kittens inspect camera on Arizona roof

A mother bobcat gave birth to a litter of kittens on this Arizonan's roof and the curious kittens discovered a hidden camera watching over them.

The filmer from Tucson explained that this is an annual occurrence as it has happened every year they have lived at the property.

In the video captured on May 28, the babies can be seen playfully fighting and running circles around their mother and eventually turning their attention to the camera set up in the corner.

The filmer commented: "This is the second year I've owned the house and second time I've seen it happen.

"But basically this bobcat is smaller than last years mom and I can only think that it's actually one of the kittens from last year.

"The little space under the roof on the right is actually where she gave birth and the kittens like to sleep, it's pretty decent shelter."

They later added: "Last week in another part of town, some guy decided to pick up one of the kittens in his yard and ended up getting stitches. So as much as they are adorable, they are still wild and dangerous!"