'Death awareness' cafe in Thailand offers a casket with your coffee

Customers at this macabre cafe can mull over their problems with a cappuccino - then climb into an actual coffin to reflect on life.

The Death Awareness Cafe in Bangkok, Thailand, is decorated with black wreaths and caskets and shiny corridors like a mortuary, seen on June 24.

Despite the macabre appearance, owner Professor Veeranut Rojanaprapa says there’s a deeper meaning behind the eatery - improving society by encouraging people to reflect on their life.

He said: ‘’We’re concerned about a big problem in Thailand. The problem of corruption, the young mothers and criminal gangs.

‘’After a study, we found out that the root of the problems are greed and anger. When people are greedy, then they are corrupt. When they are greedy, they have prohibited sex. When people are angry they do harmful actions.’’

Buddhist followers believe that if people are aware of death they will be less greedy and do more good in the world.

Veeranut said the cafe integrates death awareness from Buddhist philosophy with a cafe. He hopes that by being faced with death in his coffins, people will be motivated to do good in the world.

The businessman added added: ‘’Our main goal is for the visitor to experience the death awareness. When the lid of the coffin closes, their basic instincts will come up and they will realise that eventually they cannot take anything with them.’’

Cafe guest Noppawan Meechukhun, 25, seen in the video climbing into the coffin, said she could ‘’feel herself breathing’’.

The coffee lover added: ‘’It made me realise the things that I haven’t done or always wanted to do with my family, with my loved ones, or even turn back time and do something I regret.

‘’It was a great experience to recognise yourself and to know yourself better.’’