'Don't let her bully you!' Labrador attempts to reclaim her bed from stubborn cat

A dog owner in Waterford, Ireland encourages her timid Labrador to reclaim a spot on its bed from a stubborn cat.

Filmed on May 24, Roisin tries to coax her Labrador, Roxie, into taking back her spot from a feline foe.

The dog owner can be heard saying: "Roxie you're a dog, you're supposed to scare cats. Don't let her bully you! Go on, get into your own bed."

Roisin told Newsflare: "Our three-year-old cat, Indie, constantly bullies the dogs out of their beds so she can stretch out even though she has her own bed! This time I tried to get Roxie to reclaim her bed and not to be intimidated by her! They are three best friends but the cat is super cheeky!"