'He nearly died!' Young cyclist has lucky escape due to UK driver's great reflexes

This was the heart-stopping moment a driver's reflexes saved a young boy from serious injury and possibly death in Farnworth, Greater Manchester.

Footage captured last Wednesday (May 15) shows a young boy on a bike pull out into oncoming traffic from behind a parked vehicle.

The car immediately swerves to avoid the boy resulting in all-around shock, disbelief and relief as injuries and an accident was avoided.

The explains: "[I was] driving home from work with the missus.

"[A] guy on a bike darts out from behind a van directly in front of me.

"I brake hard and swerve heavily to miss him.

"[The] missus - who never swears - swears out of panic and gets out to kick off with him but the guy had simply ridden off without a care in the world.

"I was in shock not only because my missus used such language but because I had very nearly killed a guy on his bike."