'Here's Johnny!' Burglar in China uses kitchen knife to cut open door

A man was arrested for break-in by cutting a square hole on a door with a kitchen knife in southern China.

The CCTV footage, shot in Guanghan, Sichuan province, on February 25, showed that the burglar, a 25-year-old man named Huang, cut a rectangular hole on the lower part of a metal door from outside. He then crept in the room through that hole to carry out the theft.

The man had been wandering around houses in the area before walking into the backyard of the house. He went to the kitchen to find a knife to break down the other doors.

The suspect reportedly conducted the burglary to buy virtual gifts to live-streaming celebrity online.

The two bedroom doors of the house were all cut open with large holes, according to local police. After stealing 2,000 yuan (around $293) and some of the jewellery, the thief squeezed out of the hole and escaped, leaving the knife in the house.

On April 11, the suspect once again showed up in the same town before the police arrested him.

At present, Huang is suspected of theft and has been detained by the police.