'It's a big Band-Aid!' Little boy accidentally uses sanitary towel as a plaster

This is the hilarious moment a young brother finds what he thinks is a Band-Aid in his sister's room, and puts the sanitary towel on his arm.

The clip filmed June 4 in Riverside California, shows Brody showing his mum the Band-Aid he got from his sister's bathroom.

“'Look at this BIG Band-Aid I found in Paigee’s bathroom!' He assured me that he was only ‘borrowing’ one. I could not stop laughing and grabbed my phone as fast as humanly possible,” Brody’s mother Krystal told Newsflare.

After being asked why he thought it was a Band-Aid Brody replied, “It’s like what Paigee (his older sister) uses when she hits herself at baseball practice and when I have owies.”

Krystal explained: “Me and my husband told him it wasn’t a Band-Aid he asked us what was it, we just looked at each other and he said ‘A BIG BAND-AID! I told you!’”